alarm battery

Alarm Express is frequently asked by our clients how to change the security alarm battery. We are up with queries about the steps involved in changing an alarm code. This is an easy and quick process. Anyone can change an alarm system battery in their home or business in just a time span of 5 to 10 minutes flat. It is highly recommended that the alarm battery must be changed every 3-4 years in order to ensure its proper functioning and avoiding the possibility of false alarms. Changing the battery is a reliable straightforward process.

Security alarm battery can be changed by following the below steps:

  • Turn off the electrical supply to the system.
  • If the alarm system is monitored by any agency, inform the control room to let them know you are working on changing the backup battery. This will help in preventing the control room from sending a patrol company to the location.
  • Find the alarm system battery in the control panel. The alarm system battery will be installed in a walk-in robe.
  • Open the control panel box and this is usually done with the help of a panel key. When the cover is open, the alarm may go off. It is to be ensured that you have code on the hand to turn off the system if this occurs.
  • Disconnect the battery. Remove the wires from the battery terminals. Once this is disconnected, remove the old battery and dispose of it responsibly.
  • Connect the new battery and make sure that you are using a battery of the same size and voltage as the previous one. It is highly ensured that the battery is not put in a backward phase and the information reflection should be facing towards you.

When should a security alarm battery be changed?

The alarm battery in the alarm is located in the control panel. This is designed such as to keep the security system running during a power outrage so ensuring this battery is well-charged is important. Alarm Express makes it very important for individuals to know that the average life span of the alarm battery is between 2-4 years depending on the frequency of arming and disarming for the use.

Clients usually install an alarm system that alerts the user once it needs to be replaced. On the alarm keypad, usually, it is observed that a warning message will be displayed which indicates low battery or any trouble with the battery.

When should an old alarm battery be replaced?

While wrong alarms are annoying and there are numerous reasons to replace an alarm battery. Often it is observed that a warning battery may be unable to keep up with the system operating for long in the case of a blackout. For maintaining the proper security of your loved and dear ones, it is crucial to replace the alarm system battery when indicated.

Often this process is carried out alone but sometimes it becomes hard for an individual to carry on with this alone so in such cases getting the help of a Security company is highly beneficial. Alarm Express is one of the reliable and effective security alarm company that helps individuals in changing security alarm batteries at a reasonable and cost-effective price.