home renovation tips

A new season often results in a new look at your surroundings, including your home. But if you are planning to renovate the look of your property inside out just remember to place security on the top of the list. Below is the list of dos and don’ts to be followed during this renovation time frame to keep the valuables safe.

Shift your belongings and valuable to somewhere safe

Before starting the renovation work, it is important to shift your valuables or antique item into a more safe and secure place, avoiding its damage or theft. You can also shift these items into a garage or leave them with a trusted friend until the renovation is completed. This will give you peace of mind and will secure your possession.

Role of contractor

Before finalizing the contractor, it should be noted that you consider his or her history for future work. As the reviews and past work will assure you of the quality of the remodelling work implanted in your home. You can also research the training and credentials they have attained with the total headcount of people involved with him in this renovation work. This way you will be assured with the person who is accessing your home behind your back!!

Make sure you light up the renovation area

It is also recommended that you lit up the renovation area, especially when it is dark or outside your building premises. This way the remodelling work can be done appropriately and it will also discourage any theft activities. As the burglar looking for any kind of opportunity will be updated with the presence of humans within that particular area; thereby discouraging their break-in attempts. You can also install a motion sensor light in that area. This will brighten up the area saving the energy cost and will lit the area after the detection of any movement, serving dual functions.

Set up an alarm security system

The installation of an alarm security system is also an effective way of protecting your property. This will notify you of any kind of inappropriate activity within the area of redesigning. Additionally, it should be installed under the guidance of a qualified and expert professional in your area. This way you will be free from the tension of guarding your house every time you are away!!

Install a keyless entry system

You can also plan to upgrade your security system with the installation of a key less entry device, after the completion of remodelling work within your premise. The intercom system will permit your entry through a video and audio feed from the entrance and will also allow you to permit the entry of any visitor from another onsite location or via a connected smartphone. The advanced and technologically upgraded intercoms, available in the market, can also be paired with an automatic door release; enabling you to know with the multiple entries the contractor has made.

Moreover, the installation of this device will also solve your problem with lending or hiding the key. Thus, to be safe and protective, you can contact our company for these advanced devices that will assure your safety on priority!