Cost efficient Paradox Alarm installation & repair services for Sydney Areas.

Alarm Express is regularly called upon to repair, install & upgrade existing Paradox alarm systems throughout Sydney and, in so doing, give customers the means to heighten their security and protect their families, finances and corporate assets.


If you experience any of the following, or your Paradox alarm system is just covered in dust, then please contact Alarm Express immediately so that we can make the necessary arrangements to have your systems replaced and upgraded:

  • Any physical damage to your Paradox alarm system, its sensors or housings
  • False alarms from your main Paradox security system
  • Smoke detectors giving false alarms
  • The Alarm’s keypad indicates that your system requires maintenance or servicing
  • Your wireless system is running low on power for no apparent reason
  • Power supply faults or no power at all
  • Cable Damage – commonly due to renovations or pests •
  • Misplaced or forgotten access codes •

An upgrade isn’t always as expensive as some might think, and when coupled with our exclusive offers, our customers are sure to benefit from a highly effective and cost-efficient alarm overhaul.

Alarm Express’ rapid and cost-effective Paradox Alarm Installation Service comes with all the benefits offered by a leading installation and maintenance company:

Paradox Alarm. Any Age. Any Installer.

Alarm Express is equipped to handle all of your security needs.

  • We are qualified to upgrade and install Paradox system.
  • We aim to have your systems upgraded in just one visit – Our professional technicians are fully equipped to give you the most effective means of our time and expertise.

Call us today to enhance your home security: 1300 003 794

Alternatively, please send an email to or click here to lodge an electronic enquiry and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you where possible.